What is a “Recruitment Anti-Pattern”?

When we meet simple problems – ones where we understand all the possible outcomes, every possible factor – then we can work out the “best” solution. A problem in Algebra or Physics always has a “correct” solution, and if you have the right skills and training then it’s easy to find. The real world … is nothing like that. Software… Read More »What is a “Recruitment Anti-Pattern”?

Did you know “Salary: DoE” stands for “Don’t Apply Here”?

(“DoE” literally stands for “Dependent on Experience”. But read on to find out what that tells you about the company and the role…) Job adverts sometimes contain the text “DOE” next to the Salary/Remuneration/Pay box. This is a way for companies to hide the salary before they’ve met you and learned what figure you might accept. But this often tells… Read More »Did you know “Salary: DoE” stands for “Don’t Apply Here”?

Developers: how to get hired in the wake of Coronavirus

I created this site for Engineering Leads/Hiring Managers who want to get better at hiring … but that means I also have a lot of insights into the hiring mindset, and tips that could be useful for people on the other side of the table. Here’s my guide to getting hired as a programmer/developer/engineer in a post-pandemic world. Inside the… Read More »Developers: how to get hired in the wake of Coronavirus